About Us

Traveling is a school that everyone can attend, but few will enroll.

Travel, leave your four walls, change your scenery, travel a winding road or whatever you want. Traveling is a life experience that leaves you new learning with every step you take. As JRR Tolkien wrote: “Not all who wander are lost"; This becomes even truer when you think of all the places you will discover when you travel and all the people you meet along the way.

Travelers have something in common: the lessons they learn are – in most cases – the same; Here are some examples: There is neither a good nor a bad way in life as long as you feel happy with the path you have chosen. Less is better; traveling having to always carry your rucksack forces you to keep it light and only load the essential. The same happens in life; it is important to learn to live without so many unnecessary things. Travel helps you open your mind and to expose yourself to different cultures and ways of understanding life.