Guidelines On What You Can Bring While Travelling

Avoid having your items confiscated while on your journey. Here is a list that will help to clear the doubts about digital equipment, appliances and quantity of liquor can charge.

International Bus Travel

  • In the case of gifts and depending on the carrier on which you travel, you will be required not to exceed a certain price. In some cases, the maximum value should not exceed $ 150.
  • You can bring up to 20 packs of cigarettes, 500 grams of snuff, pipe 50 cigars and 2.5 liters of soft drinks; certifying their majority.
  • If you have cash, checks or credit cards that exceed $ 10,000, you must do the Affidavit of respective Baggage.
  • If you transport vegetable, you must declare them all. Same with fresh meat, fresh milk, butter, cheese, eggs, honey and other foods of animal origin.
  • If you bring an appliance, it must be transported by cargo with invoice and waybill.

Air Travel

  • You can only carry two portable devices for hair such as a shaver or epilator.
  • You are allowed to bring 20 CDs in the suitcase.
  • You can take up to two cameras, one (non-professional) portable camcorder, one portable player, two external hard drives, four digital storage like USB and one portable gaming device.
  • You can also bring a tablet or laptop and two mobile phones.
  • The adults can enter 50 cigars or 20 packs, 250 grams of chopped strands and snuff or 3 liters of liquor.
  • In most airlines, you can carry on a cat or a dog, respecting the respective sanitary regulations. Some airlines will only accept pets in the cargo area.
  • When it comes to international travel, you can bring perfumes, creams, and gels up to 100 ml. Each and ten containers max.
  • You can carry sporting goods. Some airlines require that the sum of its three dimensions is not exceeding 230 cm. And weighing no more than 23 kilos.

National Bus Travel

  • The average luggage allowance is 20 kilos, and an additional fee will be charged for excess.
  • Electronic equipment such as laptops, cameras or cell must be declared before boarding the bus and not exceed the amount of one item per person.
  • In the case of buying appliances, they can’t be transported in the hold as baggage.
  • Foods such as preserves, jams and other sealed or canned goods, should have their corresponding barcode.

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